Thursday, 26 January 2017

Cheque in Kannada dishonoured, customer drags bank to court

A customer has dragged ICCI bank to court after his cheque was dishonoured on grounds that the information on it was written in Kannada.

Anand Diwakar Garag has filed a case, alleging lack of service, with the district consumer redressal court in Belagavi. In November, Garag presented a cheque for Rs 17,220 to the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), as premium for his insurance policy.

The LIC handed the cheque over to Corporation Bank, which handles its accounts. However, when the cheque was presented to ICICI for payment, it was returned with a note "present with document".

Before he filed the case, Garag sought clarification from both ICICI bank and LIC as to why his cheque had been dishonoured. However, neither furnished a satisfactory explanation. Garag told TOI that he made Hescom payment in cheques, wherein all details were filled in Kannada.

"My bank told me that the reason they dishonoured my cheque was because the details were filled in Kannada. Also, in another incident that occurred after this one, ICICI bank dishonoured a cheque I had given to a private firm," he said.

The consumer redressal court has issued notices to LIC, ICICI and Corporation Bank in connection with the case, which will be heard on February 28.

(Source: ToI)

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