Saturday, 21 January 2017

5 international stars who are married to Arabs

Love knows no age, distance or ethnicity, as we clearly see in these relationships between international stars and their Arab better halves.

These love stories are romantic proof of how small the world has become and that Arabs and foreigners can, of course, live happily ever after! So, if you are an Arab who is dreaming of a fairytale with a Hollywood star then we say to you:

A. Never give up on that dream because it could come true.

B. Study the following list carefully and try to learn from it as much as you can, because one day we might add your name to it!

1. Cesc Fabregas and Daniella Samaan
The Lebanese beauty, 41, met the Spanish football star, 29, in London in 2013, while they were both having dinner at the same spot. After divorcing her Lebanese husband and the father of her two children, she began dating Fabregas and they now live in Spain and have two daughters together. The couple always shares romantic photos on Instagram, declaring their love for each other.

2. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan
She probably never set foot in Lebanon, but she has Lebanese ancestry through her father! The beautiful actress and dancer met her husband, actor Channing Tatum, on the set of their movie "Step Up" in 2006. They now have a three-year-old daughter and still look so much in love. This couple is raising their daughter Everly as a vegetarian … so no kibbe nayyeh and mashawi for her!

3. Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana
After dating for years, the couple married in secret in 2012 and they are now expecting their first baby. The Qatari fashion mogul, 41, met the American pop star, 49, in Dubai back in 2010. He immediately knew that she was the one, telling a magazine in 2011: "I’m fortunate enough to be dating my dream woman." Mana’s family’s fashion portfolio includes retail holdings for prestigious brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Armani, so it’s safe to say that we’ll never hear Jackson saying this famous line: "I have nothing to wear!!"

4. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin
Come on! Do we really need to tell you about this super famous couple? Ok, here it is one more time ... The couple, who recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary, met in 2013 at a charity fundraiser and Hollywood’s most famous bachelor was immediately struck by Alamuddin’s charm and beauty. We collectively shed a tear when he told her in front of the world, "I’m proud to be your husband," in his 2015 Golden Globes speech.

5. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik
OK, these two aren't married ... but they've been dating for more than a year now, which is equivalent to a decade in the celebrity world. Hadid is the current darling of the fashion industry and the daughter of the famous Palestinian real estate developer Mohamed Hadid and Dutch model Yolanda Hadid. Malik also comes from mixed roots; his mother is British while his dad is originally Pakistani. They are just two global citizens with perfectly symmetrical faces and incredible genes … nothing to envy here!

(Source: Stepfeed)

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