Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Oh! Calcutta in Kolkata- Day 2

At the very entrance I could make out that Oh! Calcutta was comfortable and cosy. We were given a beautiful and elaborate menu very promptly. The menu had descriptions of all the food and Sajid was shocked to see the prices in the menu. I was not shocked as I had seen their menu in Bangalore and the quality of food was worth of what they were charging. The food they offer were just mouthwatering and I had been to Oh! Calcutta in Bangalore a couple of times.
Umer and Shahid
Oh! Calcutta
Shahid and Sajid
We ordered one plate Mughalai Murgh Kebab, one tomato soup, one Basmati rice, one daal, mutton curry, stuffed Kulcha, Kashmiri veg pulav, two Bengali fish fry. The plate of Mughalai Murgh Kebab had four pieces and I took a bite from Vij’s plate. Ah, it was perfect, crispy outside, juicy and soft inside. The pulav had rose water and it kept on lingering so much that I couldn’t finish all of it! The hotel attempts to treat its guests in a royal manner. I must admit that the quality of service, food, ambience and decor truly makes the place worth the bucks it charges. It was indeed a nice and memorable introduction to Bengali cuisine amidst a great ambience.

We returned to our room around 11 pm as we were supposed to start early the next morning. I wish we had visited Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Fort William, Marble Palace, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Indian Museum, National Library, Writer’s Building, Saheed Minar, Botanical Gardens, Belur Math, Nicco Park and last but not the least Shantiniketan. Being a History student, I’m ashamed to say that we missed so many important historical places. Yes, had we planned better and given another day in the city, maybe we would have covered all. Maybe I will have to wait for another chance to see whatever I have missed.

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