Sunday, 9 October 2011

Esplanade and Chowringhee in Kolkata-Day 2

Esplanade is not exactly situated alongside a waterbody. However, the River Ganga or the Hooghly is nearby to this place :) The Esplanade has always been a major traffic hub and is considered to be the busiest tram terminus and busiest metro station in Kolkata. The amount of air pollution and sound pollution was too much here, thanks to the huge number of vehicles plying there.

We found a hotel and had Kolkata food. It was nice, but still I doubt if it was worth of what we paid for!
Sajid and his brother Shahid

Umer and Sajid

Chowringhee is a shopper’s destination and entertainment-hotel centre. The life in the neighbourhood of Chowringhee has inspired several creative men. How can anyone forget Bengali novelist Sankar’s work Chowringhee in 1962 which became an instant hit with readers. The book has been translated to several languages, including English. Some of its larger-than-life characters like the enigmatic manager Marco Polo, the debonair receptionist Sata Bose and the tragic hostess Karabi Guha attained cult status. The book was so famous that it was made into a successful film in 1968. And I also remember watching 36 Chowringhee Lane, a film by Aparna Sen directed in 1981. The film is all about an aged Anglo-Indian school teacher who lives a lonely life in a single room flat in the neighbourhood.

Next we thought the driver is taking us back to the hotel, but he took us to Kalighat temple.

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