Friday, 4 May 2018

S Korean cleaner may become rich after finding gold in bin

A South Korean cleaner may be set to inherit a fortune in gold after an unexpected find in a rubbish bin, it's reported.

According to The Korea Times, a cleaner found seven gold bars worth a total 350 million won (£240,000; $330,000) whilst emptying a rubbish bin at Incheon International Airport on 26 April.

The bars, each weighing 1kg (2.2 lbs), were wrapped in newspapers, and police suspect that their original owner threw them away in a hurry because he risked being caught.

Currently, there is no proof that the gold is connected to criminal activity. If none is found, the cleaner, who has not been named by the media, will be able to make a substantial claim on the goods.

South Korea's Lost Articles Law means that one cleaner may become rich
South Korea operates a "Finders Keepers" law on goods that are recovered when there is no known owner.

According to its Lost Articles Act legislation, if the owner doesn't come forward to claim the bars within six months, the cleaner will be able to take ownership.

However, the Korea Times says that while they will become the outright owner, they will only be able to legitimately claim between 5-20% of the gold's total price, a maximum of 70 million won (£48,000; $65,000) under the law. It is not made clear whether the police or the government will secure the rest.

(Source: BBC)

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