Thursday, 10 August 2017

Nice being quoted in an article

Today, while googling my articles, bumped into this. It's quite amusing being quoted in a story. Here's the link: 

Chaitra Arjunpuri, freelance columnist

I think women who have power should consider themselves women first and politicians or leaders or employees later. They should use their power to raise their voices against violence against women. It's not just about violence outside, it's about the matter of a grassroot problem and it should begin with each and every family.

First and foremost, as mothers they should teach their sons to treat their sisters and other girls outside the family with respect.

Secondly, as wives, they should protest their husband's violence towards them. If a man beats his wife in front of his children, it will definitely have a bad impact on them. They take things for granted and one day they will also grow up, they will also become violent.

I resolve to do all this from this New Year.

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