Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Driver's chilling revelation: Indrani sat on dead Sheena's face, decked her up before torching body

Driver and co-accused in the Sheena Bora murder case deposed before the CBI court. According to his horrifying account, Indrani Mukerjea strangled Sheena, sat on her face and burnt her body in a forest.

Shyamwar Rai, the driver and co-accused in the Sheena Bora murder case who turned an approver last year, deposed before the CBI court in Mumbai today.

He gave chilling details of the murder plot and told the CBI court that Indrani Mukerjea strangled Sheena Bora to death and sat on her face before burning her body in a remote location.

Shyamwar Rai's account is as horrific as it can get.

According to driver Shyamwar, in April 24, 2012, the three -- Bora's mother Indrani Mukerjea, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and himself -- picked up Sheena Bora.

She was later given a spiked cocktail in the car and was "sitting quietly with her eyes closed".

In the rear seat of the car, Indrani's ex-husband grabbed Sheena's hair and Indrani strangled her. When Shyamwar tried to cover Sheena's mouth, she bit his thumb.

"Indrani Madam was strangling Sheena with her hands... I could hear Sheena gasping and making gagging sounds. After a while, everything was quiet. Sheena became quiet."

Shyamwar admitted in his confession how Indrani immediately after murdering Sheena asked him to drive to a hotel.

While on their way to the hotel, Shyamwar said that Indrani fussed about a 3BHK flat that was given to Sheena. According to him, Indrani later sat on Sheena's face in a fit of rage.

"Indrani Madam sat on Sheena's face and said - here's your three-bedroom flat," driver Shyamwar Rai said during his questioning at the CBI court.

And after reaching a remote location," Indrani madam applied lipstick on Sheena Bora and made sure that her hair looked good."

"Madam took a saree and a pair of gloves out of the bag, and kept them on the body. She even kept the bag on her. She then poured petrol over her and left the can there. Indrani madam took out matchsticks from her pockets and burnt her," Shyamwar said.

In a threatening reaffirmation to Shyamwar, Indrani told him to not to speak a word about it and threatened him with "dire consequences".

Before his statement at the CBI court, driver Shyamwar seemed restless and by the time he finished it he told the public prosecutor Kavita Patil that he was exhausted.

When Shyamwar's statement was being heard, Indrani along with her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and Peter Mukerjea were closely observant. However, Shyamwar avoided eye contact with his former employers.

Incidentally, when Shyamwar  was narrating Indrani's deeds after the murder, the latter let out a chuckle in the court.

Shyamwar also told that Indrani had plans to kill Sheena Bora's brother Mikhail.

Shyamwar admitted in the court he conducted a recce on two remote locations one for each. Out of the two places, Indrani zeroed down on Raigadh.

Driver Shyamwar Rai's deposition will continue on Tuesday.

(Source: India Today)

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