Tuesday 18 June 2019

3 cops suspended after brutally beating up a Sikh tempo driver

While Delhi is slowly descending into becoming the city without a heart, there are increasing incidents around the city, to put that very fact into motion, even more fiercely.

There are watchdogs who do watch over the city's law and order, but sometimes, they fall short of judgment too and that's when you know the cog-wheel has stopped working and it's time for some serious systematic change.

Why am I getting so philosophical? Well, a highly alarming and disturbing incident just took place in the capital and we're not sure how else to react to it. Although the consequence of it was justified aptly, the actual incident was just another reason to imagine the city as unsafe, from our so-called 'watchdogs' as well.

Three policemen were suspended for beating up two men because of a faulty accident that took place in Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northwest Delhi) Vijayanta Arya, suspended assistant Sub-inspector Sanjay Malik and Devendra and constable Pushpendra for acting unlawfully. The three officers dragged a Sikh man and his son out of their vehicle and thrashed them brutally, for no apparent reason.
However, the police have blamed the tempo driver for the incident and have claimed that he tried to attack them with a 'Kirpan' (his sword) and tried to injure another officer with his vehicle. According to the police, the driver was driving his vehicle recklessly when it bumped into a police vehicle. The tempo also allegedly injured a policeman's leg. The police obviously didn't take this too well and beat up the Sikh driver and his son.

The alleged incident was followed by an accident caused by a Gramin Sewa tempo to a police vehicle. Thereafter, a police officer was also assaulted on the head by the tempo driver with a sword,", a police note stated.

"Further, the tempo was driven dangerously and caused injuries to a policeman in the leg," it further added.
After the alarming and confusing incident, a protest broke out GT Ring Road, Mukherjee Nagar, in support of the driver. So much so, the former Delhi Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee president Manjit Singh compared the entire incident to the 1984 Sikh riots and demanded action against the cops who beat the two people up.

“Policemen stopped the auto driver and pointed a pistol at him. He was dragged out of the vehicle and brutally thrashed…the accused policemen should be dismissed and the case should be registered against them. We will continue our protest till our demands are not fulfilled.” said Manjit Singh

Obviously, there are tweets all across Twitter condemning the incident and it started with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

(Source: MensXP )

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