Thursday, 5 July 2018

Hope Solo says soccer is "a rich white guy sport"

If you’re wondering why the U.S. isn’t the greatest soccer power house in the world, two-time Olympic gold medalist and World Cup Champ, Hope Solo, is pretty confident she knows why.

“We have alienated the Hispanic communities. We have alienated our black communities. We have alienated the underrepresented communities, even rural communities, so soccer in America right now is a rich white-kid sport,” Solo said. “Then we have to ask ourselves: Well, no wonder why we are not qualifying for the World Cup when we have alienated a huge population of really talented youth soccer players. And that’s the state of the game right now.”

And here I thought it was because soccer is not a glorified sport in this country the way football or basketball are. What an idiot.

Hope Solo led the U.S. women’s team to Olympic gold 2008 and 2012, AND a World Cup title in 2015-  so this chick knows a thing or two about both soccer and winning. We should all listen to her and emulate her every move.

Next time you’re being held down by the cops because you may or may not have attacked your family members, you too should yell “YOU’RE SUCH A BITCH! YOU’RE SCARED OF ME BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT IF THE HANDCUFFS WERE OFF, I’D KICK YOUR ASS.” Cops love that.

Oh and when they’re booking you and ask you to take off your necklace, you too should also say “this piece of jewelry is worth more than you make in a year.” That will ensure you and the po-po remain friends forever.

Then, years later when you’re in Rio for the Olympics and your team loses, you should 100% call your victorious opponent “a bunch of cowards.”

Doesn’t matter, the previous charges will be dropped, and then you can stand on your platform as a beacon of all that is right with soccer, and tell the rest of us idiots what is actually wrong with soccer in this country.

It’s pretty much what Dave has been asking for this entire time:

“I actually thought that men shouldn’t be allowed to comment on the World Cup. I think we should only have the women. They’re the only ones that can win anything- get the men out of here.”

(Source: Barstool Sports)

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