Friday 19 January 2018

Andaman Islands are home to unique mud volcanoes

These volcanoes, located in Baratang island in the Andamans, are called Jalki., writes Tanvi Patel in The Better India. Read on: 

From the Lonar crater in the Deccan Plateau to the Living Roots bridges in Meghalaya, the gigantic marble rocks in Madhya Pradesh to the magnetic hill in Ladakh, India offers a variety of natural wonders in every corner.

What you may not know is that India also has an active volcano, and what sets it apart from the other active and dormant volcanoes in the world is that when it erupts, it oozes out mud, not lava!

Located in Baratang, an island in the Andamans, this one-of-a-kind mud volcano, which the locals have named ‘Jalki,’ is becoming extremely popular with tourists, who visit the island to try their luck at watching it erupt.

Want to know more about Jalki? Watch the video here.

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