Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Why I hate couples who indulge in Facebook display of affection

Sometimes I wonder why couples display affection on social media like Facebook. Like husband wishing wife for her birthday, wife wishing her husband on the anniversary, blah, blah, blah. Wishing is fine sometimes, but what about displaying affection and love? When they live in the same house, is there a need for it? Get a room guys! Public gushing on social media is really strange, this piece on Odd Naari has nailed it:

"Happy birthday poo poo. Luv u shoo much." This Facebook post in particular caught my attention. As I scanned the image attached to the post, I realized that the writer of this heart-touching (read: wrenching) sentence was a dear friend of mine. And she had just recently tied the knot with her beau of five years.

As I read further, to my utter horror I realized that her husband had commented on the post, which had led to a sweeter than honey comment thread. Right from Mela baby aaj kya khayega to an innuendo filled Tumhe, this very private conversation looked completely out of place on a social media platform.

Come on people, get a room already. Or a private chat group, at least. If public display of affection by couples is not nauseating enough, this new trend of suffocating the 'bae' with exaggerated digital display of love is all new level of absurd.

And it's not like that these couples are in a long distance relationship or forced apart by villainous families with their only source of communication--Facebook. On the contrary, these love birds meet every single day, some even live together. They can very well convey their feelings to each other, without involving the whole God damn world in their conversation.

But, before you belittle me for being a cynical, frustrated, single woman, who is just jealous of these much in love couples--let me tell you: I am committed too. But, never once during my courtship have I every embarrassed my partner with thwarting and inappropriate public messages.

There have been times when I have considered blocking half of my friend list, after finding pictures of entwined hands, half eaten heart-shaped brownie, a photo shopped picture of a couple in front of Eiffel Tower, and weird Valentine's Day gifts embellishing by Facebook feed.

I really don't understand why couples are so obsessed with sharing their private moments with the world. Man, who in their right mind clicks a picture of their matrimonial bed and shares it on social media? Trust me, I have had the pleasure (pun intended) to gawk at that too.

If couples by FDA (Facebook display of affection) are trying to feel romantically secure, it is clearly the wrong road to take. I wonder what would they do once they break-up? Spend an entire weekend deleting pictures, posts, tags, and mentions made by each other, maybe. Now, that's going to be nasty.

So, why not spare yourself the horror and abstain from FDA completely.

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